As I am dedicating time to training, I am working on all facets of the body as well as the mind. It is an interesting process: as I am working on flexibility and stretching, I am doing the same with sharing about being dyslexic and dealing with learning challenges. Similar objectives with different approaches and reasons. It feels like the right kind of approach to work on opening up as a holistic endeavor. 


For the body, becoming more flexible improves my running. I have been working out at Wy’East Wolves boot camp, Flex and Flow Yoga, Evolve Performance, Melt and Correct Toes to achieve this mission. Becoming flexible and stronger is not an overnight process for me. When I first made Yoga a legitimate part of my routine, I struggled to get into the correct poses, yet alone holding them. It had been a real tug of war to quiet the mind and allow the body to explore new depths. Now, not going to class does not seem like an option. And if I can’t make it for whatever reason, I am working on my mat at home to get a session in. It is a purposeful practice that needs daily attention. The more I do it, the more flexible and stronger I get. Imagine that.  

For the longest time I never talked about growing up with dyslexia. I really thought it was something to hide. Realizing that dyslexia is common in 1 in 5 people makes me think that people, especially young students, need to hear from people who have it. My objective in doing this is to help serve as a resource for students, parents and teachers. While, I am naturally more of a listener, and sharing is an entirely different approach, I continuously work on sharing my story. Ultimately, I recognize that I am lucky to have had the support I did that allowed me the opportunity to pursue two post graduate degrees including a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). If I can help others and make their journey easier, then that is a responsibility I have to the community and something I want to do.

Opening up and being vulnerable is totally a unique thing for me. It brings me a lot of questions. Knowing my "Why," has quieted those negative thoughts and helped me realize how much I believe in this journey. 


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