A few years ago, I decided to start something new. At the beginning of a year, I would establish principles that I want to focus on for that entire year. This is a concept that I discovered through conversations with former colleague, Yogi Roth, and author, Jon Gordon. I work on getting these principles to a single word or short phrase. Ultimately, I want it to be something simple that I can remember and has deep meaning. The last few years, I have gotten back into running and in 2015, I was fortunate enough to qualify and finish the 2016 Boston Marathon.

As running is something that is important in my life, the word of the year for 2017 is freedom. Now, I realize that freedom has a lot of meanings and it can be defined differently by people depending on their experiences. Through my following entries I will work on defining how I have sought out freedom and what it ultimately means to me. It starts though by documenting my experiences with running and revealing the "WHY" behind running and the impact that is has on my life.

I believe that I am relatively common, when it comes to the things that I value. This blog is a way to talk about goals, plans, different training ideas, nutrition and other items associated with everyday life. I am not claiming to have any special knowledge, although personally I am always looking to get better and get new ideas. This is a platform for opening the discussion through experiences. Looking forward to having you on a part of this journey with me. 



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