Earlier this year, I watched a video of Gary Vaynerchuk talking about “Stuff your gonna, and go do it.” Gary Vaynerchuck is one of the world’s leading marketing experts and has a complete understanding of where the market is going. Gary goes on to say, “learn to love losing” and reiterates an important phrase like “let’s talk results.” Essentially it comes down to doing the work! Gary wants to inspire people to get out there and do stuff. Ultimately, he is talking about doing what you love. That is his dream: he is impacting people to produce. This runner loves production. So, thank you Gary for the awesome reminder and call to action.

As an avid runner, I love being agile and bringing others to the party. The 2017 LA Marathon gives me a great opportunity to do what I ultimately love: produce for others and run. Joining Team Playworks, I get to run for an organization that brings structured play to recess. This organization teaches engagement to young students, which has lasting effects in the classroom and in life. I am grateful for being able to take to the streets to engage with the community and be part of something special in the community of Los Angeles. Thank you to all the supporters who have and continue to give to my Foundation page and supported Playworks. By joining the team you made this possible!

I love doing this: Run and do it for peoples’ benefit. So, to anyone out there that has a cause and needs a runner, please reach out. Happy to have a conversation.


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