I recall so many moments from the La Marathon today. It all started for me at 2am this morning. Got a wake-up call from a buddy in Australia--it's only 8pm their time so not too much of an inconvenience for him. I ate breakfast, got my things together and headed out to Dodger Stadium in an Uber. I arrived so early that I got the opportunity to sit in Dodger Stadium by myself for an hour or so, enjoying the quiet. I reflected on what I love about running and I also enjoyed the quiet in such a great setting so much! I met with the Playworks Charity group around 4:45am, a reminder of the importance of community. There truly are so many special people that are a part of that organization. I got to the coral early. The race had moments of strength, taking care of myself, pushing, and it was not always pretty. There were times it got messy for me. Basically, there were times that I did not have my stride and had to stumble through mile markers. I usually run with music, but running without music was awesome. It sort of helped me zone out completely and I was able to enjoy the sights and sounds of Los Angeles. I felt like a little a kid staring out the window. Everything was so exciting. When I got done, I didn't realize it at first, but I actually qualified again for Boston. Nice way to finish a day that had so many twists and turns.

While I did all my training workouts alone, I have an epic "Pit Crew" and they really help me and deserve some love. Rob Scheidegger is my training coach, and he understands my schedule and takes time to build training plans for me. Krista Atzinger built a meal plan that I followed during the last month of training, which has dramatically changed the way I think about food. I am not big on carbo loading, still, so I outsourced that to Alex Rios and Alex Collins. I believe they spent the majority of yesterday consuming carbs for me. Luke Tyburski is a training partner that continues to inspire me with his epic challenges. Conor Knowles, who helps with documenting events. These are just a few shoutouts. Finally, thank you to the great volunteers who made the LA Marathon an epic event and to Playworks and all the people who contributed to the campaign.

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