I remember taking a martial arts class and the instructor told us sometimes you are going to get hit. Who cares, keep going, do not stop, be relentless. I lost sight of that statement this past week. I let life stuff get in the way of my training plan and that sometimes will happen. It is important to understand why that occurred though and work to make adjustments to continue to prioritize training. 

I was able to find my balance and finish out a strong week of training. My training included 4 workouts of 10 miles and a 20 miler. Also, I was able to continue the second week of a core and stability plan. Really enjoying the new program as it is helping with supporting me as I continue to add volume to running.

Relax, focus and rotate; those were the words that I kept on replay as I worked to set the tone of finishing each workout and continuing a path to execute a difficult week.


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