Following, I learned this trick about how to put on your shoes and socks. The goal is to put on your socks and shoes standing on one foot at a time. I have been practicing this for a couple of weeks. I make it a morning ritual getting ready for work, going for a run or anytime I am putting on shoes and socks really. What's the purpose? Details.

The first time I did this I fell completely onto the floor. My coordination has started to improve and the process makes me appreciate the small details that go into running. Even when time seems short there is still energy that can be put into this sport. The process all reminds me of something John Wooden talked about in his book on how he would get his players to learn the process of putting shoes and socks on. He did this to avoid players getting blisters. This kept his players on the court longer. I use this process to work on the fine motor skills that help in the running process.

It also makes putting socks and shoes on for me more fun. Who knew?!   


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