There is an old saying I'd like to reference: “Who is the best surfer?” The answer is, “…the one who is having the most fun.” I think the truth of anything as well as running is no different. This Memorial Day Weekend during a long run, I took a pause while the National Anthem was being performed. This was occurring for another sporting event that was taking place near the path I was running on. It was a cool moment, that showed me there were more important things than focusing solely on a training session. Especially on a weekend that is honoring those who have served our country. While there are so many serious issues occurring around us, I remember that what I am doing is challenging, hard at times, but most of all, it's through enjoyment and fun and it's incredible I get to have this experience.

The next day was Monday, normally a true rest day for me. However, I wanted to use the day to have fun with my sport. I found a trail that I wanted to explore and took off on it. I enjoyed every moment and appreciated the fact that I get to do this because others invest so much in our country. Their devotion is recognized through my continued thankfulness and appreciation. What I am doing needs to have an element of fun, because with all that is going on, that's exactly what the passion of running is to me: fun.



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