The last few weeks have been interesting for me. Coming off three marathons, I needed to give my body a chance to recover. This was difficult for me, because I often times think of recovery as simply being rest and only rest. That being said, I've started to think of recovery a little differently. In particular, I've focused on how recovery can be an active time. Specifically, I've focused on yoga, swimming, stretching, nutrition and taking time to build thoughtful workout plans going forward.  This required me to find some patience with the process, and I now feel like I'm opening up to this new idea of recovery. The last two weeks, I have been starting to build a base of running again. And it goes deeper than that. Taking a 360-degree approach with this process, I have decided to train differently to get ready for this race. And that is a powerful feeling for me, because I used to focus on the work but now I am focused on the build and more precisely, the preparation that goes into all of the hard work. I'm emphasizing an attempt to build a foundation. There is no finish line here, just constant doing and tweaking.

JB PDX-11.jpg.jpeg

I was fortunate enough to participate in Hood to Coast this past weekend. It's an event I have watched from afar, and being a runner from Portland, have always wanted to do. There was a moment where I was running through a trail close to midnight and could only see 10 feet in front of me. It was a pretty epic feeling as it felt like the perfect metaphor for having only yourself to challenge you--nothing around to distract you but the open challenge of the race.  It was special when I had a conversation with another runner days before, who reminded me that whether you are running a marathon or a 10K, you decide how you are going to challenge yourself.  I kept that in mind as I ran my three legs of the course.



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