On September 3rd, 2017, the world watched a snap that could be heard around the world. Long Snapper, Jake Olson, took the field and snapped at the University of Southern California’s first home game of the season. A moment that was big for the world and one that Jake was ready and prepared for. For those of you who are not familiar with Jake's story, he is legally blind and has been since the age of 12.

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 I have had the pleasure of seeing Jake put work in over the last couple years. From the moment Jake entered the USC Football facility, his attitude had always been "I am going to play and do this." It was never a question of “IF” for Jake, it was just a matter of “WHEN”. Walking around the facility, going to practice, going to the weight room or heading to meals, Jake was always the one leading the way. I saw Jake put on healthy weight by eating right, taking his workouts in the weight room seriously and doing what he needed to do to accomplish his goal.

Jake is a stud with a spirit larger than life. He is a vocal leader and leads by example. He is a visionary and has found a blueprint for creating success for himself. He is as humbled as they come and after the game he texted me “We did it!” All I could say to him was “Jake, you did it, this was your goal, sure you had supporters along the way and it's humble to recognize that, but you put this thing together.” Listening to the radio call was an amazing moment and I look forward to seeing his successes only continue to unfold. Jake, thank you for inspiring me and the world!   



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