As I train for the World Marathon Challenge I reflect on the WHY? Part of this journey is exploring new depths in running for me. Having the time to take to the trails and explore without direction or regard for time; to be on my feet and travel distances that I have not reached before. This takes training as well as the freedom to allow myself the time to explore. To focus on the movement and action of running. Concerned with only the next mile and free from distractions. It is a complete mindset and I have challenged myself to explore every opportunity.


If I can get to a place where I can leave everything behind and only focus on the next step, then the action is all that I am concerned with. It's all about the simple execution of being in that motion. How much time do we allow ourselves the freedom to wander, and how can we create that space within a busy day? I truly believe that the mission is possible, and greatness will come from it. It does not need to be a run, it can be 5 or 10 minutes or something that you create entirely on your own to do within a day. I use this space to create and find ideas and a path to turn the impossible into possible.    

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